Meal Accompaniments

Edinborough Soya Sauce 385g

Edinborough Soya Sauce 385g..

Rs171.00 Rs180.00

Kist Chillie Paste 325g

Kist Chillie Paste 325g..

Rs332.00 Rs350.00

Mc Currie Chilli Paste 360g

Mc Currie Chilli Paste 360g *** Maximum order quantity for this product is 3 items. *** Minimum order value should be over Rs. 10,000/- to ..


Mc Currie Katta Sambol 360g

Mc Currie Katta Sambol 360g..

Rs585.00 Rs615.00

Mc Currie Mango Chutney450g

Mc Currie Mango Chutney450g..

Rs323.00 Rs340.00

McCurrie Fried Sprats 175g

McCurrie Fried Sprats 175g..

Rs370.00 Rs390.00

McCurrie Katta Sambol

McCurrie Katta Sambol..

Rs585.00 Rs615.00

McCurrie SeeniSambol 360g

McCurrie SeeniSambol 360g..

Rs513.00 Rs540.00

McCurry Maldivefish

McCurry Maldivefish..

Rs357.00 Rs375.00

MD Ambarella

MD Ambarella..

Rs366.00 Rs385.00

MD Ambarella Chutney

MD Ambarella Chutney..

Rs365.00 Rs385.00

MD katta Sambol 380g

MD katta Sambol 380g..

Rs741.00 Rs780.00

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